'Let me tell you, this girl throws DOWN some spooky, deep house and is incredibly kind.  What I personally like about AViVA is not only her badass-ness that she puts forth both in her live sets and over social media, but also her loud call to girl power, specifically in the music industry.  She has talked about breaking the stereotypes of being a female producer, as well as the different expectations that women have from men in the industry as a whole.  AViVA is, in one word, real.  And I dig that.' -


"Her talent and vision are very, very real. And the stigmatization of women in electronic music? True, it's something she deals with daily. She has to prove herself more so than a lot of her fellow producers because she is female, a challenge which she embraces wholeheartedly.  She knows exactly what she can bring to the decks, and is more than capable of proving herself to anyone who would want to test her mettle. It's her stage and no one else's when she's on it, so much so that Global knows not to even bother with gogo dancers or anything else when she plays a set. She wants the spotlight, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Aviva shares unity with her fans- she wants to be accessible. She will stick around after a set and shake anyone and everyone's hand, give anyone and everyone a hug, learn your name, and just hang out. Positivity and friendliness are an important part of who she is both as an artist, and a person."

"Better than Deadmau5" -Decadence 2015 press

"AVIVA played what many say was the best set of the night (of Decadence 2015). Blending future house with remixes of your favorite bangers, AVIVA stole the show and many young men’s hearts!"

“It’s easy to hear why she can blow away competition” Colorado Daily HTTP://TINYURL.COM/CODAILY1

"Mixing industrial sounds with bass house, her music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard"

“AViVA’s new track titled “Face In The Crowd,” a superb drop from the rising talent...” - Brian Frederick, Music Editor for Rooster Magazine